On a certain blindness in modern psychology: An article by Dr. Michael Apter in The Psychologist, 2003, 16(9), 474-475. Reprinted with permission.

Reversal Theory Questions and Answers: Introduction to the theory in Frequently Asked Questions format.

Reversal Theory Glossary: Listing of key terms related to the theory.

Bibliography: Full list of books, chapters, papers, and dissertations written about Reversal Theory.

Reversal Theory Research Instruments. An overview of instruments measuring different aspects of Reversal Theory.

Shaping Motivation and Emotion in Technology Teams. Overview article published in CrossTalk Magazine, the Journal of Defense Software Engineering, 20(11): 10-13.

A Symphony of States and the Meaning of the Moment: Introducing Reversal Theory. Reprint from the APTi Bulletin of Psychological Type, Vol. 33, No. 2 (2010). Summarizes Reversal Theory for psychological type users.