Editorial Board

Jay Lee, Ph.D. – Editor

Visiting Professor
Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences
College of Arts and Sciences
New Mexico Highlands University
[email protected]

Dr. Lee is the current editor of the Journal of Motivation, Emotion, and Personality. For several years, he worked in law enforcement and military. As a mental skills consultant, he trained high level participants for extreme environments. A member of the Reversal Theory Society since 1992, he applies Reversal Theory in most of his work, including sport and exercise sciences and health.

Joanne Hudson, Ph.D.
CPsychol., AFBPS, FBASES, SFHEA, HCPC Registered

Associate Professor
School of Sport and Exercise Sciences
College of Engineering
Swansea University
[email protected]

Dr. Hudson is a Sport and Exercise Psychologist. Her research uses reversal theory to explore a range of psychological phenomena in sport and exercise contexts. Here research makes three key contributions to the field. First, a series of robust, intellectually and methodology precise studies, largely, but not exclusively laboratory based, that have interrogated core theoretical proposals of reversal theory. These studies have been conducted within the context of sport and exercise but their conclusions extrapolate to the general tenets of the theory, and are investigated from psychophysiological perspectives, generating novel lines of enquiry in reversal theory. Second, a series of papers, including empirical studies, that present conceptual critique of reversal theory research in sport and exercise, the theory itself and its measurement tools. Third, a series of studies that integrate reversal theory with other synergistic theories and paradigms, thus presenting novel understanding across each and expanding the contribution of reversal theory within the wider field of psychological research.

Mitzi Desselles, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Chester Ellis Endowed Professorship
Department of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences
Louisiana Tech University
[email protected]

Dr. Desselles has been a member of the Reversal Theory Society since 1990. She and her research team have developed a state measure administered via smartphone, and they are using a time-sampling approach to study work-life balance, team effectiveness, parapathic emotions at the movies, tolerance for deception, and the motivations of professionals employed in disturbing jobs.

Stephanie Ellis, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist
[email protected]

Dr. Ellis has been a member of the Reversal Theory society since 2006. She has conducted Reversal Theory research on topics such as spirituality, academic honesty, and trauma resolution. Additionally, she currently uses Reversal Theory concepts in psychotherapy and introduces a new generation of students to the theory through teaching.

Jennifer Tucker, Ph.D.

Journal Website Manager
Reversal Theory Society Secretary and Treasurer

Dr. Tucker has been a member of the Reversal Theory Society since 2003. She serves as the Reversal Theory Society Secretary and Treasurer, and is also the website manager for the Reversal Theory Society website, a Reversal Theory Training Site, and this journal website.

Tom Weishaar

Doctoral Student
Teachers College, Columbia University
[email protected]

After a career writing about computers and personal finance, Tom Weishaar is a doctoral student in the health education program at Teachers College, Columbia University.