Empirically Verifying Metamotivational Moments: The Identification, Analysis, and Reassembly of Style Clusters

Author: Kenneth M. Cramer & Jessica Sartori.

Abstract: This study identified metamotivational style clusters using (a) cluster analysis
to derive four groups or clusters of respondents who completed the Motivational Style Profile, (b) ANOVA to analyze the style composition of each cluster, and (c) discriminant function analysis to reassemble the clusters based on prescribed subscale scores (telic, paratelic, negativistic, and conformist). Undergraduate volunteers from a Canadian university completed the Motivational Style Profile for partial course credit, and we then calculated their four subscale scores. Results showed the four style clusters were reliably different from each other based on the subscale mean differences; discriminant function analysis successfully returned 83% of respondents to their original cluster. Implications for the measurement of metamotivational styles are outlined, as are directions for future research.

Link to Article2019-v8-01-Kramer-Sartori.pdf

DOI: 10.12689/jmep.2018.801