Journal of Motivation, Emotion, and Personality

Reversal Theory Studies

January, 2019

Modelling motivational dynamics: demonstrating when, why, and how we self-regulate motivation

Author: Laura B. Thomas,¬†Joanne Hudson, and¬†Emily J. Oliver Abstract: Motivation quality affects the initiation and maintenance of behavior and physical and psychological health. Despite this, we understand little about how situational fluctuations occur and are regulated. In this paper we analyze the utility of applying basic psychological needs theory (a sub theory of self-determination theory) […]

Free Coding: A New Reversal Theory Methodology

Author: Michael Apter and Gareth Lewis Abstract: This paper introduces, illustrates, and discusses the possibility of a new way of organizing data in reversal theory research. In reversal theory, questionnaire items are often situations taken to represent motivational states, e.g. working on taxes may be supposed a priori to occur in the telic state and […]