Bota: Facilitating a psychodiverse flight

Author: Ilaria Scarpellini

Abstract: Bota is a personal water container for commercial air travel, which passengers can use and refill themselves at onboard water points. Passengers receive the empty container before take-off and can fill it at any point in mid-flight. When filled, the flexible water pouch needs to be held with two hands and squeezed to drink from it. The product has a positive e ffect on passenger’s hydration, which is important for health and well being. In addition to physical goals, the product also triggers various reversals and state changes during its usage scenario, which are intended to break the monotony of the flight experience and increase psychodiversity.

Link to Article: 2014-v3-11-Scarpellini-Bota-Psychodiverse-Flight

DOI: 10.12689/jmep.2014.311