The Adventure of Hospitalization

Author: Freya Ruijs

Abstract: The adventurer’s kit is a small suitcase that was designed for children (aged 3 to 6) who are hospitalized for a surgical procedure. The suitcase contains several playful items: a passport, a flag, a storybook and four sets of toys, each set representing a fictional character: Pip, Sophie, Charley, and Damian. The design intends to stimulate and enable the child to perceive the hospitalization as an adventure. This should provide the children with a protective frame when encountering stressful or scary situations. During hospitalization, the experience of negative emotions is inevitable, but with the protective frame, these emotions can become part of an overall adventure narration and thus be less stressful.

Link to Article: 2014-v3-07-Ruijs-Hospitalization

DOI: 10.12689/jmep.2014.307