Famous Failures

This video, shared across the Internet for its ability to inspire, reminds us that many heroes have also failed, giving us good reasons from history to take a chance. Watch it, then read the Reversal Theory perspective below.

Let-Downs and Legends: Life = Risk

“How very little can be done under the spirit of fear.” Florence Nightingale

Certain moments in life can be either scary or exhilarating depending on the meaning we assign to that moment.  One of the most powerful ideas from Reversal Theory is the idea of a protective frame: a frame of mind that allows us to forget our fear, and that frees us to take the risks that could lead to greatness.

When we are in the Serious state, we are aware of the risks and know the consequences of failure. While this can bring out the best in us by providing focus and drive, it can also lead to paralysis if we become too afraid to act in our fear of failure. A reversal to Playful may be just what we need in these moments. In the Playful state, we are aware only of now.  In this state, risks melt away, because risks are about consequences, and there are no consequences in the Playful state. The Playful state is what provides our protective frame.

This video provides the comfort of a protective frame, by showing that others have faced failure and succeeded anyway. You don’t need to fear the future, because you never know – despite today’s awful events, you might be the next Lucille Ball, Michael Jordan, or Abraham Lincoln.

OKA’s Reversing Forward has a section called Facing Your Fears that describes the protective frame in more depth. Access sample pages here to learn more about this powerful concept: About the Protective Frame.

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