Care and Compassion

This Playful, Conforming, Sympathy, Other ad asks how you can help a friend, with a new secure credit card that is easy to swipe!

The Power to Care

Everything about this ad invites a smile as the elephant navigates around stores to get the right items for a friend in need. The lumbering of an elephant in a pharmacy, doing the right thing for a friend, and the gentle hug of the trunk once needs are met: all point to motivators of caring for others (Sympathy Other) in the way that is expected (Conforming), through a fun short story (Playful).

What’s this ad really about, though? I have described it as a Playful one, and I believe it is… however, every Playful ad also has at its core a Serious message, a need and goal that it wishes to sell. Here, the goal is getting you a safe and secure credit card that you can quickly and easily use whenever you need it. If an elephant can swipe the card in this new “pay-pass” way, surely you can too!

The ad asks, what could be worse than going to a store to fill a loved one’s needs, and not being able to use your card quickly? Better get yourself one fast! It’s a Serious message, wrapped in the warmth of care and concern.Like all MasterCard ads, this video follows a structured format. Visit Rebellion and Belonging to learn what this has to do with Reversal Theory.

Want to see an ad that draws on the opposite states as this one (Serious, Rebellious, Mastery, Self)? Visit Inspiring or Insulting: The GM Reinvention.

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